IV Sedation Dentistry

At Ora Dentistry, our top priority is to create a comfortable dental visit for each patient that walks through our doors. If you struggle with severe dental anxiety, have special needs or need lengthy dental work, we can help you relax in the dental chair. In addition to our comfort amenities and soothing office environment, Ora Dentistry proudly serves the Sacramento area with multiple levels of sedation dentistry, ranging from oral conscious sedation to IV sedation.

Not all dentists are licensed to administer IV sedation. We are proud to be a dental practice that is equipped to treat all levels of dental anxiety and provide deeper levels of sedation dentistry when necessary. At Ora Dentistry, we use IV sedation to help patients in a variety of circumstances, including those that have had a traumatic dental experience as a child, patients with a severe dental phobia or sensitive gag reflex, as well as those that need extensive dental work that involves a multi-step procedure.

Intravenous or IV sedation is often referred to as “twilight” sedation. It is a moderate form of sedation that helps patients remain in a very relaxed state throughout their dental procedure. IV sedation relies on a sedative drug that is released into your body intravenously in carefully titrated amounts. With IV sedation, we always monitor patients closely and can adjust or reverse the sedative effects at any point during the procedure. While the effects wear off quickly after the IV is stopped, we recommend that patients arrange for someone else to drive them home after their appointment.

Oral Conscious Sedation

For patients with mild to moderate dental anxiety, Ora Dentistry can also offer oral conscious sedation. This involves taking a prescribed sedative pill before you arrive at our office. This form of sedation puts patients in a calm and relaxed state with the ability to still communicate freely with our staff during the procedure. In most cases, the effects of oral conscious sedation last longer than your treatment. Therefore, it is again suggested that you have someone drive you home after your dental visit is complete.

We realize that patients have varying levels of anxiety and unique needs when it comes to dental care. We are proud to offer a full menu of sedation dentistry options so that you never avoid general, restorative or cosmetic dental work due to your fear of sitting in the dental chair. Our commitment to comfortable dental care is a highlighted advantage of choosing Ora Dentistry.

To learn more about how IV sedation or oral conscious sedation can improve your dental care experience, contact Ora Dentistry today. We serve Sacramento patients with general dentistry as well as specialized treatments involving dental implants, smile makeovers and clear orthodontics.


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Graciela Torres-Sumal

I've always been afraid of going to the dentist but I had the best dental experience here! The staff is very friendly and helpful and Dr. Dalla was great. He explained the procedures to be done and was gentle when it came to my worst fear at the dentist---numbing shots!!! I didn't feel anything! I'm definitely not afraid to go to the dentist anymore! Thank you Ora Dentistry!

Paola Caro

Called to make an apt yesterday, I was so happy they where able to get me In the same day! As soon as you walk in you feel like your being greeted by a friend. The staff and doctor are amazing. Injections where painless and I really felt like I was cared for. I am extremely satisfied with my cleaning! My teeth look pretty amazing!! I give this place a 10/10. I look forward to my next dental visit.

Jane P

I was impressed the minute I walked into office. Just so tasteful and beautiful. As for the Dr., he took the time to explain and show me the one problem he discovered albeit a big one. I did appreciate the time he took with me and will have no problem making him my dentist from now on.

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