Are Your Teeth Making You Look Older Than You Really Are?

As you age, you begin to notice grey hair, wrinkles and even age spots on your skin. For many, those issues are quickly addressed in order to look the age that you feel. What many don’t realize is that the appearance of your teeth can make you look significantly older as well. Over time, you age, so do your teeth.
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Thumbsucking: When to Worry

Babies and young children adopt many different habits to soothe themselves. While you may be elated to see that your newborn has found his or her thumb to go to sleep at night, you are probably not as thrilled about your preschooler’s persistence with the habit.
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Dental Crowns: Give Your Smile a Royal Fix

Do you have a tooth that is broken, cracked, decayed or simply unsightly? Your solution may be a custom dental crown, which is a time-tested and long-lasting dental restoration. Dental crowns have been used for decades as an effective and preferred way to repair teeth that would otherwise not survive everyday function.
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