Pregnancy and Oral Health

While pregnancy brings with it a world of change in the body and mind of an expecting mother, it can also change her oral health. This is due to increased blood flow during pregnancy, an increase of acid in the mouth and rising hormonal levels, as explained by the March of Dimes. Thus, a pregnant woman is at a greater risk of having dental health problems. What’s more, the Maternal and Child Health Journal reports that a woman’s history with gum disease and/or dental caries can also impact the oral health of her child. Given the strong connection between oral and overall health, coupled with dental health risks during pregnancy, it’s more important than ever to commit to regular dental checkups.

Common Oral Health Problems During Pregnancy


Characterized by red, puffy gum tissues that tend to bleed during brushing, Gingivitis is often triggered during pregnancy due to rising progesterone levels. Though it is considered “early-stage” gum disease that is reversible, gingivitis should be taken seriously.


A serious form of gum disease, periodontitis occurs when there is an infection within the gum tissues and bones that hold teeth in place. Without question, periodontitis can lead to tooth loss.

Pregnancy Tumors

As benign lumps that form on swollen gum tissues, pregnancy tumors are believed to develop due to a buildup of plaque. In some cases, these tumors disappear on their own, while some must be surgically removed after pregnancy.

Tooth Decay

Given the high levels of acid in the mouth during pregnancy, tooth decay is more prevalent, as acid wears away tooth enamel. For women experiencing morning sickness, it’s important to understand that vomiting brings more acid into the mouth, coating the surfaces of teeth.

At Ora Dentistry, we realize that dental care is one more responsibility to add to a patient’s already busy schedule. This is especially true for expecting mothers. That’s why Dr. Dalla and our compassionate team have simplified the process, making dental care more convenient, flexible and affordable. If you’re pregnant, and you’ve yet to visit a dentist, Ora Dentistry invites you to make a lifelong investment in your health and the health of your child by calling today.

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