Sleep Apnea and Your Oral Health

Woman in Bed With Snoring Partner Elk Grove CAMany patients are surprised when a dentist asks about the quality of their sleep. Yet, there is a strong connection between sleep disturbances and oral health. As a condition in which there are repeated interruptions in one’s breathing, sleep apnea is an example. Because sleep apnea is often identified by worn teeth surfaces and inflammation caused by Bruxism (teeth grinding), the condition is of great concern to dentists.

An astounding 18 million Americans are estimated to have sleep apnea, according to The National Sleep Foundation. Whether the muscles in the back of the throat are flaccid, the tongue is too large or the jaw is too small, an individual’s airway becomes obstructed, causing them to snore and gasp for breath. If this doesn’t cause the individual to wake up, it certainly disrupts their sleep cycle. The result is a constant feeling of fatigue, and a higher risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and obesity (WebMD).

Often, a dentist will need to refer a patient to a wellness physician to make an exact diagnosis of sleep apnea. Even so, dental professionals are well equipped to help patients reduce the symptoms leading to sleep apnea, and this might begin with wearing a mouth guard. A mouth guard protects against teeth grinding and clenching by adjusting the position of the jaw and preventing soft tissues from blocking the airway. Consequently, it can reduce the incidence of headaches and jaw pain experienced by many patients with sleep apnea.

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