Your Teeth and Sugar

When it comes to sugar, there is no shortage of this ingredient in most American diets. Desserts, pastries, pre-packaged snacks, and sweetened beverages are available in almost any store you enter. While most people understand how high sugar contents in foods affect their weight, many people overlook how sugary beverages negatively affect their teeth.

There are millions of oral bacteria inside the mouth that are meant to help break down particles left behind after you eat and drink. While intending to be helpful, the fact is that oral bacteria produce acids to help them do their job. When sugar is present inside the mouth, these oral bacteria begin to congregate in mass numbers and produce high quantities of acid in those specific spots. It is the acids that bacteria produce that lead to cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease.

Soft drinks are tasty, yes, but they are horrible for your teeth. Not only do these beverages contain high amounts of sugar, but they also contain phosphoric acid that causes erosion of the tooth enamel over time. Avoiding soft drinks is the best advice you can follow when it comes to making a healthy choice for your smile. Once tooth enamel is eroded, it cannot be replaced. For those who consider themselves to be “health-conscious” and avoid all soft drinks, it is still essential to evaluate your drink options. Juice, even all-natural or freshly squeezed options, contain a high amount of sugar. Did you know that one 8-ounce glass of apple juice contains the same amount of sugar as an 8-ounce can of soda? Make sure your “healthy” options are actually good for your teeth!

Water is the best choice. Not only does water flush out your organs, but it also helps clean the mouth after and between meals. If you find it hard to resist sugary beverages, make sure you are practicing good oral health care and visiting your dentist regularly. At Ora Dentistry, we want to partner with you in achieving and maintaining a healthy smile. We encourage you to make good habits that will benefit your teeth for a lifetime!

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