Bone Grafting

When planning for dental implants, it is not unusual to learn that the jawbone has deteriorated due to tooth loss and that it is not strong enough to support an implant. In these cases, a bone graft is often recommended. While the procedure may sound intimidating, in fact, bone grafting has become routine and predictable and in most cases, a minimally invasive procedure.

There are different types of grafting procedures that may be used for either a bone graft or a soft tissue graft. We discuss some of the techniques used for bone grafting and tissue grafting below.

Advanced Bone Graft and Tissue Graft Techniques

Vertical ridge augmentation is necessary when you have lost the vertical length and width of the bone where your dental implant is going to be place. At Ora Dentistry in Elk Grove, we can regenerate bone using various methods. Bone regeneration is very complex procedure and Ora Dentistry is one of the very few dental offices in the Northern California who can perform the vertical ridge augmentation procedure. Dr. Dalla is known for his vertical ridge augmentation expertise. Dr. Dalla received extensive training in hard and soft tissue augmentation from world renowned inventor of vertical ridge augmentation, Dr. Istavan Urban from Budapest Hungary. If you Google Dr. Istavan Urban’s name you can see videos of the vertical ridge augmentation procedure.

Horizontal ridge augmentation is used to increase the width of the bone in order to better place dental implants. The latest sausage technique is used in order to increase the width of the bone.

Connective tissue grafts are used when the root of a patients tooth has been exposed. In short, a gum graft is a procedure where a small amount of gum tissue is removed from the roof of the patients mouth and then used to build up the gum that has receded. Dr. Dalla is skilled at achieving optimal gum graft results for patients.

The bone grafting material that will be placed in your jaw becomes a “biological placeholder.” Initially, it will prevent the collapse of the surrounding tissue. Over time, through a process known as “guided tissue regeneration,” your body will be fooled biochemically to recognize the graft as your own bone. Eventually, the graft will be resorbed and replaced with natural bone.

If you require a dental implant, Dr. Dalla at Ora Dentistry will be here for you throughout the entire process. If bone grafting is required due to bone loss, we will use the latest techniques to create an environment strong enough to effectively support your implant.

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I've always been afraid of going to the dentist but I had the best dental experience here! The staff is very friendly and helpful and Dr. Dalla was great. He explained the procedures to be done and was gentle when it came to my worst fear at the dentist---numbing shots!!! I didn't feel anything! I'm definitely not afraid to go to the dentist anymore! Thank you Ora Dentistry!

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