Composite Fillings

Tooth repairs do not need to leave you with metal fillings in your mouth. Keep your smile white and bright with composite fillings. At Ora Dentistry, we are happy to offer composite fillings to our patients for dental repairs. Whether you want to replace old metal fillings, repair a chipped tooth or fill a new cavity, composite fillings are a cosmetic dentistry treatment that can blend perfectly into your smile for a healthy, beautiful appearance.

Although composite fillings have been available for many years, they have improved in durability with dental advancements. These white fillings were once only used for front tooth repairs when the filling would be noticeable. Most back teeth or molars that needed fillings still received amalgam or metal fillings. Now, composite can be used for almost any filling or tooth repair, even replacing old metal fillings in molars. This can give you a completely white smile without metal that can contain mercury and other harmful substances.

What is a Composite Resin?

Composite resin is a synthetic, putty-like substance that is blended for strength, durability, flexibility and color. Many contain plastics and glass to create this soft material. To create a composite filling, the putty is applied in layers and hardened with a specialized light between layers. The result is a hard, yet flexible, tooth replacement material that can fill holes where decay was removed, cover discoloration or repair chipped teeth. It can be color-matched to your teeth so it is almost impossible to tell where your tooth ends and the composite starts.

If you want a completely white smile, composite fillings can be the answer. Whether you want to replace old fillings or have current dental repairs that need to be completed, composite fillings can give you a beautiful smile without the silver shine of metal. Contact Ora Dentistry today to learn more about how composite fillings can improve your smile.