How We Are Protecting Our Patients During COVID-19

Just like you, we are devastated at the COVID-19 pandemic that has struck our nation. While life may look different for many of us during this crisis, we don’t want our patients to suffer in terms of their dental care. Ora Dentistry is closely adhering to the guidelines of the CDC and American Dental Association (ADA), but we have also gone above and beyond to provide added protection for our valued patients.

At Ora Dentistry, cleanliness and sterilization have always been critical components of our dental practice. However, we’ve taken these standards to a superior level in order to improve safety and foster confidence for patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are utilizing the following safety protocols and high-tech sanitation tools when seeing patients in our Elk Grove office:

  • Infrared thermometers to screen patients upon entry.
    Infrared thermometer
  • EvaClean Electrostatic Sprayer for touchless disinfection.
    Electrostatic Sprayer
  • High vacuum suctions and electric hand pieces to create less aerosols.
    High vacuum suction High vacuum suction
  • The Blade UVC Sterilization Wand to deactivate viruses on hard-to-reach surfaces throughout the office.
    UVC Sterilization Wand
  • Advanced Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as N95 masks, face shields and the CleanSpace Halo for the highest standard in respiratory protection
    ClearSpace Halo
  • IQ Air Health PRO Air Purifiers to clear all particles up to 0.003 micron to keep you safe.

We Can Make Your Dental Visit Safe

It is easy to neglect or put off dental care during these unprecedented times. However, your dental health should remain a priority in order to prevent future complications and protect your overall health. Not only are we offering Telemedicine appointments with Dr. Dalla, but we are also investing in the highest level of protection for patients that visit our office. If you have concerns or questions surrounding your oral health, please do not hesitate to call Ora Dentistry.

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