TMJ/TMD Treatment

Temporomandibular disorder or TMD refers to problems with the temporomandibular joint or TMJ. Referred to as both TMD or TMJ, this disorder can be painful and have a variety of symptoms. If you have been experiencing symptoms such as jaw pain, constant headaches, or a popping sound when you chew, you may have TMJ/TMD. With our general dental care services at Ora Dentistry, we have effective TMD treatments that can stop the pain and protect your teeth from damage.

Get an Accurate Diagnosis

The symptoms of TMD can often be misdiagnosed. Since they range from direct jaw or tooth pain to shoulder, neck and temple tingling or pain, it is not always clear what is causing the symptoms. To get an accurate diagnosis, you need an expert to view your temporomandibular joint to determine whether there is an issue. At Ora Dentistry, we can take the necessary x-rays to view the TMJ. Dr. Dalla can accurately diagnose TMD/TMJ and recommend treatment.

Jaw Pain Relief

One of the best treatments for TMD is using an oral appliance to adjust the jaw. Repositioning the jaw into the correct alignment can help relieve pain and have long-term benefits. Once the joint is in the correct position, your bite is realigned. This protects your teeth from uneven wear that often happens with TMD. It also helps your jaw muscles and joint heal, putting less stress on the TMJ. This appliance can be customized for your mouth at our office. This is usually worn at night, which also protects your teeth from grinding, a symptom that often accompanies TMD.

Stop the pain of TMD/TMJ and protect your teeth from damage. Come see us at Ora Dentistry if you believe you may have TMD. We accept most insurance plans and also have financing options. Contact our dental practice today to schedule your appointment for TMJ relief.