Zygomatic Dental Implants

Are you considering dental implants, but you have significant bone loss in your upper jawbone? You may have been told you need bone grafting before a dental implant procedure can be attempted, prolonging your journey to a new smile. There is another restorative dentistry solution. Ora Dentistry in Elk Grove, CA, offers advanced zygomatic dental implants for our patients who have bone loss and desire dental restoration to replace missing teeth.

What Is a Zygomatic Dental Implant?

Conventional dental implants have small titanium posts that are secured into the jawbone. There may not be enough bone density to secure the dental implant in place for patients with bone loss in the jaw. A bone grafting procedure can be completed, but it may require extra expense and prolonged healing before the dental restoration can be finished. Plus, success rates for dental implants can be lower if bone grafting does not provide the needed support. The zygomatic dental implant procedure bypasses the need for bone grafting by securing dental implants into the cheekbone instead of the jawbone.

The zygomatic dental implants are much longer than conventional dental implant posts to reach the zygoma or cheekbone. The zygomatic dental implant is slanted and goes into the zygoma at an angle. The dental implant does bond to the upper jawbone, but it does not need it for support, as the denser cheekbone provides stability for the post. For many patients with bone loss, zygomatic dental implants can offer a viable solution for replacing missing teeth without the need for a bone grafting procedure.

If you want to explore the most advanced options in dental implants and dental restorations, including zygomatic dental implants, contact our team at Ora Dentistry. Dr. Dalla and our team of dental experts offer the latest innovations in implant dentistry. Contact our office in Elk Grove, CA, to schedule a zygomatic dental implant consultation.

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