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Woman in Dentist Chair with Dental EmergencyWhile some dental concerns require immediate attention, such as a knocked out tooth or a painful abscess, others cause one to question if it is a true emergency. Perhaps you’re wondering, “If I lose a dental filling, do I need to call the dentist right away?” “What if my tooth becomes cracked when I bite down on hard candy or ice?”

Because injuries that seem small or insignificant can often affect the living tissues inside of a tooth, Colgate explains that dentists offer the following advice—if it hurts, it’s a dental emergency! Even so, if you are on the fence, it’s recommended to call your dentist’s office before going to an emergency room. Most dentists intentionally leave appointment spots open for emergency cases.

Meanwhile, if one of your teeth has been knocked out, there are a few things that you can do right away. As a rule, touch the tooth as little as possible. Attempt to put the tooth back in the socket. Place moist gauze or a wet tea bag over the tooth and gently bite down to stabilize the tooth in place. If this is not possible, rinse off the tooth and place it in a small container of milk as you prepare to see the dentist. A cold compress may be applied to the socket where the tooth was to combat pain and swelling.

In the case of a broken or chipped tooth, it’s not always easy to know if and when to call the dentist. As mentioned, if pain is present, it’s important to call. Yet, if there is no pain, it’s still important to let the dentist know. Depending on where the tooth is located and the severity of the injury, the dentist might wait until the next day.

We Accommodate Patients With Trusted, Immediate Care

At Ora Dentistry, we understand that the uncertainty of a dental emergency adds stress to an already unnerving experience. That’s why we do our very best to accommodate patients with trusted, immediate care. Whether you are in Elk Grove, Sacramento or a surrounding community, do not hesitate to call Ora Dentistry with your dental emergency!

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