Emergency Dentistry

At Ora Dentistry, we never want our patients to be in pain or wait when they need emergency dental care. Whether your child has a broken tooth or you have a painful tooth infection, call us for all your urgent care needs. We leave room in our schedule to accommodate dental emergencies right in our office in Elk Grove.

Many dental issues happen unexpectedly. Trauma or an accident can damage a tooth, requiring immediate care. Pockets of decay can reach the interior of your tooth, causing extreme pain that needs relief. When you have a dental emergency, you cannot wait days or weeks for an appointment. You may even be tempted to head to the emergency room for care. Call us first at Ora Dentistry. We are equipped to handle almost any dental emergency for patients in Elk Grove, Sacramento and the surrounding communities. We will make it a priority to get you or your loved one in for immediate treatment.

While some dental issues can wait to be treated, there are some that should not be ignored. Broken or cracked teeth are at the top of the list. Once the exterior of the tooth is compromised, bacteria and decay can quickly spread to the interior of the tooth. Besides causing pain, it can jeopardize the health of the tooth. Urgent dental care can often save a tooth from extraction, keeping your complete smile intact. We can repair most damaged teeth in our office. If extraction is the only option, we also can remove a painful or severely damaged tooth. Our office offers sedation dentistry for our patients that need extensive dental work or require extra help to relax during their urgent care treatment.

Never hesitate to contact Ora Dentistry right away when you need emergency dental care. Our dental practice accepts most insurance plans, plus we have payment options for unexpected dental expenses.

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